Saturday, December 27, 2008

More wedding bells!

Hanging out at Christine and Kelvin's wedding... they (our shoes) sure seem to have a lot to say to each other.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

King Daniel.

Long long time ago, in a land far far away, in a time where life was simple and happiness was of the utmost importance, there lived a wise and kind ruler, King Daniel of Crumm. 

The sun always shined in the land of Crumm.  The townsfolk were as happy as peas and life was as easy as ABC.  The people lived so happily and comfortably that any peasant or merchant who has come across the land of Crumm will all agree to the abundance of wonderment and pleasure of the land.

Now you see, the land of Crumm was not at all crummy, despite its name.  It was in fact a complete opposite of crummy.  It was un-crummy. 

The sun shone.  The breeze blew.  Rain fell.  Rainbows laced the skies.  Flowers were in abundance across the sprawling green hills.  There was laughter and joy everywhere.  There was plenty to eat.  Plenty to do.

Now, the most magical thing about the Kingdom of Crumm was that King Daniel was blessed with a gift.   The Crummers (as they were known to the neighboring lands) ate whatever King Daniel wished to eat.

So if King Daniel wished for roast lamb with mash and peas, everyone ate roast lamb with mash and peas. 

Sometimes they even had strawberry jell-o with ice cream for dinner!  What joy!

One day, a woman appeared in the kingdom.  Her name was Sharr and she was incredibly beautiful, AND she knew it.  She ordered the townsfolk to show her the way to the castle as she had some business with the King.

King Daniel fell in love with Sharr immediately.  She was beautiful, eloquent, charming and most of all talented.  She could recite poems endlessly.  She could play almost any musical instrument in the lands.  She had the smile of an angel. She even danced like an fairy.

King Daniel immediately proclaimed a royal wedding for him and Sharr.  The kingdom rejoiced for their king had finally found a queen.

But what they all didn't know, was that their new Queen Shar, was an evil witch who had cast a spell on the king. Many of the people of Crumm disapproved but the king would not have any of it. He would shun upon any suggestions and comments about his beloved from anybody else.

One day, Queen Shar had left the kingdom, for her own evil intentions, and had promised the king that she would return.

The kingdom rejoiced, as the wretch was finally leaving. King Daniel, being proud, sent his Queen off. Waving with fanfare as the chariot carrying his Queen rode off out the castle gates.

Weeks pass. And all is well in the kingdom.

Months pass. And King Daniel grew restless. There hadn't been any word from Queen Sharr. And any attempts to send messeges out via messengers throughout the lands, met with utter complete failure.

Soon, the King grew more weary. His pride dwindling, his appetite lost. The kingdom began to wither. What once were the sound of rejoices by the people, were now replaced by the sounds of groaning.

It was Hunger. For King Daniel had stopped eating.

[... to be continued.]

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Under The Table.

Chilling out during Jane & Andy's wedding dinner. Our shoes have conversations pretty much all the time and everywhere.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Just found this old pic of the pup and I. This was kind of our second day meeting each other. The first day was when I went over to his place to see his pups (he's got 9 dogs at home btw, and 3 of them were 3 month old lab pups... can you imagine the cuteness!!!)

Yeah so the next day I had to take a replacement class at the language centre that I used to teach at... and after that Puppy told me that he'd pick me up and we'll go have some laksa... but then our friends, Michelle and Karen called to go out for a quick catch up... so we did.

This is all of us (L-R) Michelle, Karen, Puppy & Bunny

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Just before...

This was taken just one night out with our friends (Sept 27, 2008).

We had only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks when we decided to make it official!

And not too long after!

See the different smiles and body language? :)