Saturday, December 10, 2011

We is good with kids :P

We headed back this weekend for my cousin, Wendy's wedding dinner. It was a fun night with the nieces and nephews... more particularly Cherrie girl :) She's such a little bundle of joy and it was so much fun that she actually wanted to hang out with us instead of mommy and daddy :)

This is mom and Cherrie girl...

Cherrie's older cousin, Stella.  She loves posing for the camera and has been very well trained by her mom and aunt with all these hand gestures and head tilts!

Little drummer girl 

Mom took this pic of us...

"Yes, Uncle Colin?"

Here she is pretend feeding me

"And this one is for you..."

"No wait.... I'm not ready yet!!!"

"Yeah I'm still not ready, Uncle Colin..."
Then baby Rae came to play...

We nicknamed her 'The drooling baby' because the pup saw her deliberately letting a whole glob go down on my arm :P 

She's such a cutie! 

Then Cherrie girl came back

"Here's a plate for your chillies..."