Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's been a week now...

We left the ER last week not feeling the happiest... the doctor gave the pup an X-Ray and some painkillers... and that was it.

The pup is still in pain. He can barely get up by himself, let alone walk around or do anything, so we decided to go to a spine specialist - TAGS.

We showed the doc the x-ray films from the GH and he recommended that we go for a MRI to see how severe is it before proceeding as x-rays cannot show you if discs are herniated or not.

Which made us wonder why on earth did the doc at the GH send him in for ONLY and x-ray. Meh.

After an hour or so we saw why the pup's been in agony.....

The white stuff you see are liquid in the spine and the last disc is... out of liquid... and poking out >.< 

Here's a top view of it. You can see that instead of a nice oval shape, you can see a bulge poking out into the back of the spine.

Anyhoo, the pup is off to recovery with lots of therapy.

Wish us luck!!!

the bunny

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh noes.... :(

The pup's hurt his back bad this time... we're at the General Hospital now waiting in the ER...

Pray for us....