Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goodies from Melbourne!

YAY The pup is back!!! Oh and he brought so many goodies :)

Here's a quick peep...

Arnott's Shapes in Cheese & Bacon flavor. Bay-kon (a la Eric Forman) 

A couple bottles of wine. Two are for mum and one's for us :)

 Yummy Old Gold. 

The pup got me a set of tarot cards :) 


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The pup's on a quick trip to Melbourne because Jon's getting his citizenship.

*sniff sniff*
Just came home from sending him off at the airport...
bunny's all alone :(
come home soon hun...


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bersih 2.0 in pictures (and some words)

Hi... the Pup and I just came back from the Bersih 2.0 rally and are super exhausted from all the running around. But we just had to share our story.

11.30am - Got off the LRT at Masjid Jamek LRT station.

Police were everywhere and checking bags of those who looked suspicious.

12.38 pm - Tension was in the air. We got off the streets and sought safety at Burger King's second floor to avoid any confrontations with the police.

Commuters looked quite confused with the whole scene.

Though some police were just chilling out by the sidelines.

Others had time and patience to help tourists with their maps. Well at least they did one thing right that day. :)

12.52pm - Police started dispersing the small crowd.

Everyone was pushed to the sides or asked to leave the area completely.

By this time, all businesses had locked down their stores so we were trapped inside Burger King. We read on our phones that the rally had already gathered at various parts of Kuala Lumpur at this point. The ones closest to us were at SOGO shopping centre and Puduraya bus terminal.

This convoy of cars, whom we assume was the reason why people were cleared off the roads, were nice enough to stop at the red lights.

1.02pm - Some lawyers (I'm assuming) came on scene.

1.15pm - Journalists and photogs start running towards Masjid Jamek in a frenzy. Probably because the rally from SOGO was on the move.

1.30pm - FRUs lined up right in front of Burger King.

These guys formed a small barricade on Jalan Tun Perak...

... and were pretty much controlled by this clanger dude. So the moment he goes - *clang clang clang*

They run and change formation.

From one side of the road, to the opposite side.

Then the trucks back them up. This reminded me of those RTS video games. Like if a giant cursor clicked on the new position and they formed up accordingly. :)

More FRUs lined up at the back.

Something's started down the road towards Petaling Street and Puduraya that got everyone's attention. I think the chemical water spraying had begun. Everyone started moving towards that direction.

Police with huge zip-ties start to make their way down the street.

2.00pm - They arrested an Indian man for wearing a Bersih 2.0 t-shirt under his shirt.

The guy wasn't even resisting them or trashing around. Yet they had to have a whole army to send him to the detention van.... how efficient!

Police bring out more zip-ties and passes them around like they're candy.

2.35pm - I managed to make my way out of BK after a while but it was already drizzling by this time.

The police know something's really up and send all their FRU troops as well as empty transport trucks (presumably for 'prisoners') down the road.

2.38pm - The police bring down arrested individuals from Pudu area.

2.47pm - The Bersih 2.0 march crosses our paths at Lorong Ampang. We run like the wind to join them.

We were pelted by heavy rain. But that didn't deter our spirits nor resolve!

3.05pm - We converge at a t-junction and join up with another group of marchers. The atmosphere was peaceful and full of energy and  patriotism. More importantly, we felt safe amongst our fellow rakyat. We greeted and cheered each other with support and love. There were people from all walks of life - men and women, young and old. We walked, chanting, looking for a way to get to Stadium Merdeka. One of our primary chants was "Hidup hidup, hidup rakyat! Reformasi!" (Long live the people! Reforms!)

Not too long after that, the FRUs came down on us again. We were chased up into Jalan Bukit Nanas, a relatively narrow, uphill street. With us cornered and pleading, the FRU's began shooting tear-gas at us.

The Pup and I were gassed but we were quite prepared with gas masks. Our faces and eyes stung but at least we weren't choking and coughing badly like some of the other folks. We sought refuge at the St John's Cathedral to catch our breaths and wash the chemicals off our hands and faces. We met some fellow Christians there who were also seeking refuge and tried to make sense of the situation.

At 4pm, we headed back down the streets with our new friends only to bump into an even larger group, possible the previous one we were with earlier, that had decided to march up to KLCC because the roads leading to Stadium Merdeka were blocked by police.

4.04pm - We marched on Jalan HS Lee, Jalan Gereja and had then onto Jalan Ampang when we saw this man - rallying with a neck brace. I salute you! The crowd grew at every intersection, pulling more and more supporters while combining with other smaller marches. The streets were filled with people marching, as far the eye can see.

4.16pm - This is us crossing the intersection of Jalan Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail.

We ploughed down Jalan Ampang until we saw a main group waiting for us at the intersection of Jalan Ampang, Jalan P Ramlee and Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. 

4.27pm - We arrive at KLCC. Everyone cheered as our march had finally come to a sensible halt. Everyone began sitting down but rose back up on their feet immediately as someone had initiated singing our national anthem, 'Negaraku'. Power to the Rakyat!

Singing Negaraku!

Some speeches were made, though we couldn't hear much of it due to the surrounding ambient noise. But the presence and energy from a large united crowd spoke louder than any words one man can say.

Here's a video taken by brianwong73 from KLCC tower looking down on us.

4.43pm - The Police helicopter hovered dangerous low around us. Initially we thought it was just to drown out the speeches but it proved to be a good distraction as the FRUs came charging at us on foot and by trucks from Jln Ampang. Mass panic ensued. We ran to KLCC grounds. I believe this was around the time fellow countryman Baharrudin Ahmad was sadly killed by tear-gas.

4.45 - #Anonymous was with us.

Then it was after this that the FRUs made their final push.

4.47pm - Running for our lives. We witnessed a young girl stumbling and falling from on the hard concrete with a bone crunching thud while police haphazardly tried to grab anyone that was fleeing. It was completely unnecessary chaos.

Most of us laid low at the KLCC park. As it was past the allocated rally time of 4pm and as sensible citizens, we decided our work was done and started planning our journey home. The Pup and I brought extra clothes, so we went to the public restroom to freshen up a bit and change. Many others went to the KLCC park mosque for prayers and reflection. Then we scouted the area only to find the police still  heavily surrounding the area. We couldn't even make our way to Ampang Park, where we intended to take the LRT.

5.41pm - The mounted forces were here. We had no idea why they were needed. But that confirmed our suspicion...

...that the police were still on high alert.

And they had boarded KLCC up - so no one could get in or out.

After a while, KLCC's doors opened again and we went in thankful. We had to wait for over an hour for them to reactivate the LRT lines for KLCC.

The Pup and I finally got home safe and sound at about 7pm.

Rained and stomped on, gassed and pushed around - but we're still standing tall and proud. Everyone we met in the march was friendly and peaceful. The only element causing chaos that day, in our better judgement and personal eyewitness accounts, were the police and FRUs. All we wanted to do was get to Stadium Merdeka, as that was our agreed rendezvous point but as we were diverted at every other junction by the FRU we had no choice but to march the streets looking for a sensible, alternative venue. I'll have to admit though, KLCC was a rather fitting location to end our march. Ultimately, the experience was invaluable as we made new friends and partook in a true multicultural event that transcended race, religion, age and class.

To all my brothers and sisters of whom we had the privilege of walking alongside in the rally today - Thank you for being a part of this. Thank you for being the caring Malaysian we know and love. Thank you for your selflessness. Thank you. The Pup and I are truly humbled and honoured to have walked along with you today on this momentous day.

To those that could not have walked with us on that historical and momentous day, we only ask that you share this personal account of the rally with friends and family. We marched non-violently, peacefully, with love and patriotism. Not representing any political party, but as normal Malaysian citizens exercising our constitutional rights. For liberty and democracy. This is the truth.

Thank you.

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