Friday, July 19, 2013

My loves

No... we didn't have a baby. This is my baby niece. My cousin and I pretty much spent our growing years together (he'd come over every school holidays to live with us) so he's like the brother I never had.

Naturally when he and his wife had a kid, I was a goner. I'm telling you, I love this little munchkin so much. I cried when I first saw her. Even now, if I want to cuddle her as much as I can because I just can't get enough out of her.

Now she's three and while she doesn't see me or the pup very often, she looks for us and remembers us.

I say that because one time, I hadn't seen her in easily six months (I live in the next state) and mum had gone down to stay with them for like two days before we met up. She stared at mum for the longest and it took her almost two days to warm up. 

On the third day, we were all heading out for dinner and the moment I got in the car, she stuck her head out of her baby seat, stretched her hands out and called me "姑"(that reads as gu-gu and it means paternal aunt in Mandarin)

Just now, her mum texted my mum and she forwarded me this... 

Now doesn't that just make your heart melt :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's around this time of the month when the bunny has to do like a mountain full of reports. This night is no exception.

Well except that bunny was quite cranky. So bunny borrowed the puppy's working space (because bunny has a lap top and no actual table to use it on) to work and typed furiously

Until the she noticed this red thing flashing on the monitor in front of her

He's sweet isn't he :)