Saturday, December 10, 2011

We is good with kids :P

We headed back this weekend for my cousin, Wendy's wedding dinner. It was a fun night with the nieces and nephews... more particularly Cherrie girl :) She's such a little bundle of joy and it was so much fun that she actually wanted to hang out with us instead of mommy and daddy :)

This is mom and Cherrie girl...

Cherrie's older cousin, Stella.  She loves posing for the camera and has been very well trained by her mom and aunt with all these hand gestures and head tilts!

Little drummer girl 

Mom took this pic of us...

"Yes, Uncle Colin?"

Here she is pretend feeding me

"And this one is for you..."

"No wait.... I'm not ready yet!!!"

"Yeah I'm still not ready, Uncle Colin..."
Then baby Rae came to play...

We nicknamed her 'The drooling baby' because the pup saw her deliberately letting a whole glob go down on my arm :P 

She's such a cutie! 

Then Cherrie girl came back

"Here's a plate for your chillies..."


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our new pad - Part III

We're almost done! Most of the big things were moved today, like the bed frame, fridge/kitchen stuff, our clothes and little things that go on the shelves (books, cds/dvds, plushies, you know the drill).

Lucky us, our friend heard that we were moving everything on our own, so she volunteered her husband to come and help us out. At first the pup and I said no because well, we didn't want to trouble anyone, but she insisted saying "Oh don't worry, he's a gym buff... so let him skip a day and lift the weights in your place..." so yeah, thanks a lot Christine and Kelvin. You're both such gems! :)

Here are a couple more shots of our almost complete new place!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our new pad - Part II

Since we're doing the moving ourselves, we've decided to load the car up twice a day (or just once if we're really tired) and slowly move stuff in. So we took the stuff that we didn't really need at the old place first!

Plus, it really helped that we got the floor plan of the unit before actually moving in, so we could do a bit of pre-planning to see what could fit where and yadda 3x...

This is the car almost fully loaded.

We moved stuff like that small book shelf and the side table...

And the drawers, shelf and shoe rack...

Halfway setting up our 'entertainment area' (this is where the telly and pup's work station goes)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our new pad - Part I

So since we've gotten the keys to the new place, we thought we'd start off by cleansing it and moving some stuff over. It's the holiday season and movers are seriously over charging us for that short journey and light load (can't blame 'em) so we kind of have no choice but to do it ourselves. 

Thank goodness the pup's got a Volvo 850 T5 :)

The pup got this on his recent trip to Melbourne. It's really so hard to find it here in Malaysia! But yeah, we light this up for cleansing every once in a while 

But hey, here's some pictures of our new pad! FYI it's a studio unit (yes it's ONE big room) and it's about 520 sq ft (that's about 55m2 if I'm not mistaken) and we're in a nice neighborhood. My cousin lives two blocks away so that's good, just in case we need anything at the last minute!

This is the view of the bathroom. It's pretty spacious and long. But the shower area is rather small-ish.

 This is the kitchenette area. I think this is the only area where I'm most disappointed about because I love to cook and to have such a small space is rather demotivating. We're still thinking of how to arrange everything properly so that we can still cook decent meals without smoking the entire unit!

That's the rest of the place :P Yes we know it's rather small, but then it's pretty much all the space we used in the old place anyways. Bathroom/toilet, bedroom/entertainment room and kitchen!

Here's what it looks like standing at the sliding door looking back in.

Well okay, enough blogging. I need to continue packing!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Keys to the new place :)

We got the keys to our new place!!!

Oh this is so exciting...


when the pup and I went over to set up the TV cabinet and store some stuff... one of the keys broke halfway as we were turning it in the lock! O_o

So we'll have to call a locksmith tmr and see how it goes...


Monday, August 8, 2011

Moving Out Sale!

Hi everyone!

The pup and I are having a moving out sale. These items are all on sale because, much as we'd love to take them along, we've no space for them at the new place. We're currently looking for new homes for some of our collectables and art stuff.

McDonald's Teddy Bear Plush Dolls (Limited Edition)

Available in a set of five bears.
Well kept. Natural wear and tear.
Costumes are very detailed with proper pockets, pull strings, shoe laces and zippers.

Condition is pretty much as good as new.

They have shoelaces!!!
Height: 19cm
Width: 21cm (from one arm to the other arm)

Price: RM20 per bear (if you want them individually)
SALE: RM80 for the entire set

McDonald's Coca-Cola Contour Glass
circa 2009
Available in a set of four - Green, Pink, Charcoal, Blue. These are the first four in the collection. We intended to finish the collection but somehow or rather didn't. :P

Never opened/used before. Kept for display only.
Material: Luminarc glass
Dimensions: 15cm (height)x 7cm (top diameter)

Price: RM10 per glass
SALE: RM30 for the entire set

Alpha Water Colours (30pcs)

The pup used to do traditional painting back in the day, unfortunately now he hasn't the time to. So instead of letting these gorgeous water colours go to waste, we'd like it to go to someone who wants to explore the world of painting. Hardly used. Some colours are unused.

SALE: RM50 for all three boxes.

Mungyo Chalk Pastels (24 and 48)

Unleash the inner side-walk artist in you.

Box of 24. Hardly used. No broken sticks.
Price: RM18.

Box of 48. Also hardly used. One stick broken (refer to photo).
Price: RM38.

SALE: RM50 for both

Additional charges apply for local postage, outstation and overseas deliveries (shipping+handling).
Feel free to inquire for further arrangements.

If you're interested in any of the items, kindly leave a comment with your contact information or drop us an email at colinpoh(at)gmail(dot)com or claireyukiko(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Thank you!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Time for a change

Yup. The pup and I are moving homes. We've always talked about downsizing our unit especially because we don't use the entire apartment... so it's kinda a waste of space.

Anyhoo, we're really really downsizing to a unit which is almost half the size of what we have right now so there are a lot of things we'll need to decide on - keep or donate/recycle/throw?

So it's a very mixed time for the both of us - mentally, emotionally and financially.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and keep your eyes peeled for our moving out sale!!! :)